2000 Pancho Piano’s News and Press Releases

Piano in Second New York Show

August 2000

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Bicolano Legends at Ayala Museum show

The Arts and Culture

May 2000

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Pancho Piano – Bring out The Legends Of Bicol

Philippine Daily Inquirer – Lifestyle

by : Llita O. Logarta

June 2000

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Bicol Legends and Myths

Philippine Daily Inquirer – Lifestyle

by : Alegrea Albano Emperial

May 2000

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Myths inspire this artist’s hand

Philippine Daily Inquirer – Lifestyle


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Artist wants to repaint Bicol image

Inquirer – Southern Luzon

by : Gil Francis G. Arevalo


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Pancho Piano’s exhibit in Fiesta events


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Bicol Artist in New York


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Pancho Piano at Le Souffle

Philippine Daily Inquirer – Lifestyle


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Pancho Piano Opens At Le Souffle In The Fort

Philippine Daily Inquirer – Lifestyle

April 2000

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