Figurative Paintings by Pancho Piano

The Figurative Mode

The early engravings on leather, the wood relief Stations of the Cross, the etching on glass, the stained glass panels, the acrylic and oil religious paintings, as well as the works on Bicol myths and legends constitute the figurative or representational side of his Pancho Piano’s art, especially when the subjects are religious images or the main characterized by predominant warm colors of red, yellow, and orange, exuding faith, optimism, and hope. Most of them are marked by teeming crowds of the praying faithful or peasant moving in work rhythms to the Bayanihan spirit of participation and corporation. Carlos Francisco’s murals have also stressed this paramount Filipino value that Pancho M. Piano also dealt with in his work.

But it is also important to note that the artist’s style in these historical and mythical figurative works are often integrated with abstract elements. Often, figures in the representational style are set against a background of abstract design and colors, dynamic lines and shapes. Even more, the style of figures and landscapes may veer away from strictly anatomical realism to show the cubist influence of restructuring the subject into the geometric shapes of transparent cubism that was the Filipino contribution to the original School of Paris style. But the Filipino artist is temperamentally more akin to synthetics cubism with its larger planes and decorative elements, than with the earlier analytical cubism which fragmented the figure into abstract codes.

In the works that blur the distinction between abstract and figurative, the basic principles are often light and space. In a number of his transitional works, a blazing light seems to surges upward from the divine zone, with the astounded multitudes reeling and separated to both sides. Likewise, the dynamic light in the center opens up space above and beyond the struggling earthbound figures on the ground.

Stained Glass Artworks by Pancho Piano

At first, Pancho Piano in the particular art of glass etching as he filled transparent two-dimensional planes with complex design which interacted with the environment in natural or artificial light. Having thoroughly acquainted himself with the medium. The glass itself was oven baked and held together by lead tracery to produce the large color-suffused windows similar to medieval churches. The medium of the glass was characterized by its fascinating interaction with the ambient light of the environmental space. As though in movement, it grows from the gradually brightening down, the blazing tropical noon to the violet shades of late sunset. All the while, the varicolored stained glass modulates its hues to the changing sky in continuous but large cosmic waves. Designing stained glass was a challenging and spiritually exhilarating experience for the artist. Usually made for church domes and windows, the subject were invariably religious: Christ, the Virgin Mary, and the saints in the celestial realm or amidst suffering humanity. Conceptualizing and composing the images into the art form gave him a surge of faith in the holy narratives.

Apolinario Mabini Shrine – Tanawan Batangas


Mirror Mother Justice Church

Comembo, Makati
January 2013

Peñafrancia Golden Jobilie Ceiling Pavillon

Stained - Glass

Naga Metropolitan Cathedral Dome

Naga City

Stained - Glass


Other Stained Glass Installations


Albay Cathedral
Guinobatan Church
Camalig Church
Polangui Lidong Chapel
Ligao Church
Pio Duran
Taisan, Legaspi City
Tabaco City
Bocacay Bongga Church
Poor, Claire-Sto. Domingo
Bocacay Bishop Residence-Sto. Domingo
Legaspi City Museum
Albay Capitol
Dra. Lita Ago Residence
Pepperland Hotel
Cong. Al Francis Bichara
Former Mayor Mely Roces


Stained glass ceiling Peñafrancia Basilica Golden Jubilee Pavilion
Peñafrancia Basilica stained glass windows
Mural Paintings and stained installation
Naga Metropolitan Cathedral stained glass on windows and outdoor 14
Way of the Cross
Stained glass dome”400 years of Christianity of Bicol “Archbishop Palace of


Stained glass and mural Paintings Archbishop Chapel, Naga City
Stained glass and Mural paintings Naga Holy Minor Seminary
Mural Painting and Diorama designs Peñafrancia Museums
Marian paintings Naga Minor Seminary Museums
UNC Golden jubilee “Through the Years” mural paintings, University of
Nueva Caceras, Naga City
Camariñes Sur National High School centennial
Mural paintings
CSI “Through the Years” Mural
Universidad de Colegio de Sta. Isabel Colllege of Nursing
Felix Fuentebella mural paintings and stained glass
Felix fuentebella museums, Tigaon, Camariñes Sur
Mural paintings and stained glass installation
Ago Foundation Hospital, Naga City
Camariñes Sur provincial Capitol Colletions
Municipality of Lagonoy
Municipality of Sangay
Municipality of Minalabac
Municipality of Pasacao
Municipality of Pamplona


San Jose Church
Tabuco Church
Magarao Church
Maguiring Chapel
Tinambak Church
Pili Church
St. Theresa, San Jose, Pili
San Jose Church
Nabua Church
Tandaay, Salvacion, ugod Tupas Chapel
Salvacion, Baao
Balatan, Church
Bato Church


Catanduanes Norte Cathedral in Daet, Cam. Norte


Catanduanes Cathedral
Bato Church
San Andres Church


Masbate Cathedral
Monroy Church


Poor Claire-Sorsogon Church
Donsol Church
Bulan Church


Xevera Church I & II Pampanga
Our Lady of Annunciation, Minadanao Ave. Q.C
Our Lady of Immaculate Conception-Pasig
Poor Claire- Laguna
Holy Cross Parish-Amparo Village, Caloocan
Our Lady of Guadalupe-Loma DE Gato, MArilao Bulucan
Our Lady OF Fatima-Mandaluyong
Saipan Cathedral-Saipan CNMI
Evangelist Church-Palau Is.
Holy Child of Jesus Chapel-Bel Air Makati